The 2016 Fall DreamBox Math Challenge

Students make progress and classrooms win prizes!

The Math Challenge is a competition in which DreamBox classrooms compete to complete the most DreamBox lessons and win prizes. Every student walks away from the DreamBox Math Challenge with new math skills they can put to use every day.

Take your students' math skills to the next level: Here's how it works

1. Sign up now. Register your classroom to get started and you’re done.

2. Learn in DreamBox. Any lessons your students complete between October 24 and November 11 will counted in your lesson tally.

3. Track progress. Log into your dashboard and check out the student overview page.

4. Win prizes. The classroom in each category with the most completed lessons wins prizes!

Competition Dates
Oct 24 - Nov 11 2016
Winners Announced
Nov 15, 2016